This is the True Story is the series premiere of the "Real World" series and the first season premiere of "The Real World: New York." It aired on MTV on May 21, 1992.


As Julie prepares to leave her hometown of Birmingham, she butts head with her father.

After the cast assembles at the loft, Heather's beeper goes off & Julie jokingly asks her if she sells drugs, prompting the cast to discuss their experiences with race.

The cast finds a copy of Gregory Stock's "The Book of Questions: Love & Sex" which leads them to discuss that topic.

The cast attends a performance by Becky.

Julie goes out with Heather and Kevin, during which she is acquainted with the New York Subway system and tells Kevin that she thinks he is bitter toward white people.

Kevin believes that history gives him cause to bear anger towards whites, though he believes Julie to be open-minded for a white person while Heather dismisses all racism as equally stupid.