Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? is the 10th episode of "The Real World: Los Angeles." It aired on August 26, 1993.


Tami informs the cast that she is pregnant and she will have an abortion.

Tami's mother is angry and devastated that Tami (who works in an AIDS health care center where condoms are ubiquitous) neglected to use them.

Although the cast is supportive of Tami's decision, discussion on the topic ensues (in particular between Jon, who is pro-life and Aaron & his visiting girlfriend, Erin, who are pro-choice).

As Tami deals with the aftermath of the surgery, her mother explains that she would have had an abortion had they been legal in 1970, but in retrospect, she is glad that they were illegal, given how positively Tami has defined her life.


  • The episode was preceded by an advisory title card that read: "This is the real world where sometimes we face life's serious and sobering struggles. This episode examines one of the most complex, controversial and painful of these struggles. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED."