Julie Gentry (from Birmingham, Alabama) was a cast member on "The Real World: New York." She was 19 years old at the time of her appearance on the show and was the youngest cast member on the show.


Julie (a Southern girl) is an aspiring dancer even though her father wants her to study to be a computer expert, in case her dance career doesn't work out.

The youngest of the cast, her time on the show represents her first time in New York.

She and Eric become especially close. Julie has not been successful in love, claiming that she could write a book on bad dates.

Julie was cast to be a "fish out of water" whose first experiences in New York City could be the lens through which the viewers would be introduced to the series.

MTV BiographyEdit

Eighteen years old and straight out of Birmingham, Julie is leaving Alabama for the first time ever.

The youngest of the cast, it's also her first time in New York and her first real experience as an adult.

Julie's innocence, engaging personality and desire to learn about the world make her the darling of the loft. She and Eric become especially close and their friendship adds to much of the intrigue.

Not always lucky in love, Julie claims she could write a book on bad dates.

"After the Real World"Edit

Julie returned to Birmingham. As of 2002, she had been married for four years, had recently become a mother, and was attending school and teaching dance class.

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