Flora Alekseyeun

Flora Alekseyeun (born on September 18, 1971 in Odessa, Ukraine) was cast member on "The Real World: Miami".

She was 24 years old and from Boston, Massachusetts during her time on the show.


Flora (who is of Russian descent) describes herself as a "carefree spirit" and at times "a bitch." She won several national marketing competitions while attending the Art Institute of Boston.

During her time on the show, Flora had an affair with a man named Louis without her boyfriend, Mitchell knowing about it. In the season premiere, she took a job as a bartender and was criticized by her housemate Cynthia for dressing provocatively in her job interview.

In the 18th episode, Flora got in a fight with housemate Dan Renzi after Mike Lambert related to him statements by Florida that Mitchell beat her and says that Mitchell is very good to her.